From One Grappler to Another. Good Vibes and Good Gear.
From One Grappler to Another. Good Vibes and Good Gear.
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GuardWhatsYours is a small self-run Jiu Jitsu Apparel and Gear shop. We work very hard to provide unique content with our own voice. We love JiuJitsu and we practice Jiu Jitsu, We want to share our Jiu Jitsu hearts with you.

We have opted to run a more sustainable company by choosing to print / cut / sew our apparel as its ordered. This means we use less materials, we take up less space, and we have the freedom to offer lots of designs without contributing to the tons of unsold mass produced garments in the world, which end up with no where to go. We have an EU partner to help limit transit across the globe. We have have local printers for shirts in AU and CAN to help us limit transit to those areas as well. We are actively looking for additional ways to reduce our impact on the globe and have taken steps to switch some packaging to recycled mailers and eliminate added polybags where we can. 

What does this mean for our customers? Well, this means you are going to receive your orders in about 10 days. It also means that you are able to choose from many designs and many styles. It means you can request a design on a different garment or fit (men's, women's, kids, etc) if it's available. It means you can ask about custom designs and adding your academy logos and sponsor logos to your gear for comps.

We also have some really awesome Junior grapplers that help out the shop by making some awesome skin balms. These kiddos are going to be putting in some new products soon too.

Here are few quick facts in case you were wondering:
1. We do Custom Designs. We do NOT do custom sizing.

2. We can sometimes offer rush shipping for an additional fee, but that still means your items need to be printed and possibly sewn. That takes time.
3. We love Jiu Jitsu, and we believe in JiuJitsu for everyone. Not that everyone will like it, but that everyone should have the opportunity to see if they do. Inclusivity for all. Make space on the Mats. We think this one is important.
4. We don't really care for people/companies that steal our designs, we spend a lot of time turning out some solid gold BJJ phrases. Please do not support knock-offs and imitations. We also appreciate you telling us that you found some copyright thieves, So we can practice our Takedowns on them.
5. Returns / Exchanges - we get why you love them, but please understand why we don't offer them. Custom made pieces cannot be un-sewn, uncut, unprinted or unmade. We cannot support our company if we are sitting on a bunch of returned inventory. We hope you understand. We are around to provide you with all the detailed info you might need prior to placing your order to prevent the need for any return or exchange.

All our GWY items are designed with the grapplers heart and spirit in mind. We are passionate about fostering a BJJ community that is built on inclusion, equality and respect. We understand that the best way to bring a diverse and equal community together is by inviting, encouraging, including, respecting and making space. Roll with Purpose.

We appreciate our customers and are humbled by the love and support we have been given out there. We are always looking to support our BJJ Community and when at all possible sponsor some talented competitors in BJJ and MMA. In order for us to continuing our efforts, we need to grow our brand. We need your help, Please support us with your purchases, share your awesome pics in our gear, invite others to check us out, follow us on Insta and Twitter, tag us, repost us, share us, wear us, and most of all like us.

Here is where we would say OSS if we were the OSS-saying kind of business, but we aren't so we will just say Thank You and Keep Rolling.