From One Grappler to Another. Good Vibes and Good Gear.
From One Grappler to Another. Good Vibes and Good Gear.
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We care a lot, but we can't do this alone.

We are here for the ones who scare you, the ones who make you feel uncomfortable, the ones you don't want, the ones you consider weak, the ones you think look different, act different, and dress different. We are here for everybody, like "everybody"everybody. We understand that the best way to bring a diverse and equal community together is by inviting, encouraging, including, respecting and making space. Roll with Purpose.

We actively donate to the following causes through the sales of our awareness gear. The Trevor Project, BCRF, NCADV, NCCC, and the NSPL.

We have paused adding any new sponsored athletes as we evaluate the equity of our support and giving. We recognize that Jiu Jitsu tends to attract a certain income level, and demographic while perhaps leaving many communities and groups left out and hidden. We are determined to shine some spotlights on those high level Jiu Jitsu athletes that have largely been overlooked and ignored. We are trying to be thoughtful and intentional in this process. We appreciate your patience with us.

Please help us put our words into actions and lend your support to these important causes. Please bring your favorite unsung BIPOC and differently abled athletes to our attention, so we too can sing their praises and give them a voice. 


GWY, a work in progress